Old Spiritualist Christmas Séance Experience Warren Caylor (UK) and PRIVATE Materialization “Spirit Circle” Séance

Sunday December 2, 2018

5:30 PM - 10:00 PM

Cost $105


Christmas Styled Materialization “Spirit Circle” Séance…
The Spirit Children will Join Us too!!!

*Direct Voice (of Spirits into room), Levitation, Apports (gifts from the spirit realms), Spirit Light phenomena, Ectoplasmic phenomena in Candle and/or Red light, and more are all potentials within such an experience.

BRING A NON-ELECTRIC TOY (NO BATTERIES ALLOWED!) WRAPPED FOR THE SPIRIT CHILDREN (1 GIFT PER SEANCE ATTENDED). We will deliver all toys to Kids in Distress (Wilton Manors, FL) after said event.

SÉANCE Donation $105 per person

*We suggest you BUY EARLY as there will be NO Tickets @ Door.
Ticket Buyers MUST be INTERVIEWED (except previously approved attendees from past events)



















Warren Caylor’s Website:

Warren’s Blog-site below beautifully describes the various séance phenomena many have repeatedly experienced through his outstanding physical Mediumship abilities.
 Warren Caylor’s Blogsite:

About the Medium/Father/Author: 
Warren Caylor - England: A MATERIALISATION MEDIUM who is professionally full time with his work bringing the two worlds together.  The last 12 years have been spent demonstrating across Europe and beyond, with Séances, Workshops, Clairvoyant Readings and more recently, Psychic Surgery.  He is also currently experimenting with Trans-Dimensional Communication. Internationally, Warren professionally works and gathers with other working mediums from varied countries and locations. Warren was born In Kent, England (1969 Oct 30th) and moved to New Zealand until returning to the UK in 1989. Since childhood he has been surrounded by spirit and paranormal activity, his only desire has been to bring the reality of the spirit world and afterlife to as many as possible, in In addition to operating a successful internet business, he is father to three amazing children: Lincoln, Josaphine and Kendra.





TESTIMONIAL about Warren Caylor
(by Stephen Rowlands, Medium and Healer)

Last night I attended my first ever physical seance at The Gilbert Sanctuary in Waterlooville, Hampshire UK. All I can say is after 31 years of mental mediumship and public demonstration is WOW. I have not experienced such a wonderful interaction with spirit on a physical level the physical medium was Warren Caylor and his spirit team Tommy and Yellow Feather and another native american ( sorry forget his name ) was a big man with a booming voice. At all times the physical medium was bound to the chair with cable ties and gagged. It was the first time I had experienced direct voice there were flying trumpets and drumsticks with Tommy using the drumsticks to tap out a beat we all had a great interaction with the spirit team. They were very funny and helpful and did their best to produce physical phenomena for us. There were knocks & apports. One gentleman had a sock removed. One highlight for me was when Yellow Feather tapped on my hand - also when he showed us the ectoplasm coming from the mediums mouth to the table. I also witnessed ectoplasmic hands. The presents left for spirit children were opened by them. Sadly one lady became ill and had to be removed from the seance room and was cared for by her husband. The spirit team were very concerned for the lady as we all were but decided to carry on… but we were all unsure as was spirit as the energy was very much effected but the energy built up and the spirit produced an abundance of phenomena to which I am deeply grateful. I will certainly be attending again. I would like to thank Warren and his spirit team for all their hard work and to Susan Filer of The Gilbert Sanctuary for inviting me. It has certainly brought home to me the great lengths spirit goes to to communicate with us and I will certainly be working harder to bring them through when I am demonstrating. Physical Mediumship is very much evolving where other forms of mediumship seem to have stopped. I will certainly be watching the evolution of Physical Mediumship with great interest. I am feeling very blessed to have been present at the seance last night [Dec 2014].