"No Pain, No Gain?"

There’s a saying that started in the fitness community, “No pain, no gain,” meaning that if a workout wasn’t difficult, even painful, it didn’t do much good.

Fortunately, that doesn’t necessarily carry over to the larger world. Not all beneficial life experiences have a pain component, although the other side of the equation is that unfortunately not all painful life experiences are beneficial. But let us try to derive some benefit out of as many of life’s unpleasant experiences as we can.

If someone mistreats you, take a lesson from that in how NOT to treat others.

If someone cheats or tricks you, be sharp and alert, take note of how they did it, and don’t let yourself be fooled by a similar maneuver or machination again.

If someone deceives you, be aware of that person’s deceptive nature so they cannot pull the wool over your eyes on further occasions.

If life hands you a rough deal, learn a coping mechanism by which you can keep your head above water—and a smile on your face.

If lean times leave your wallet thin, learn how to live on less and profit from that knowledge if tough times come around again.

If a loved one passes from this earth to the next realm, find the best way to deal with your grief and use that lesson the next time death robs you of a loved one.

There is pain in this world. It’s inevitable. Some of us experience less of it; others experience more; but all of us experience some of it. Be open to the lessons you can learn from each painful experience, however, and let every pain bring you some gain.

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