Frank Rambow Numerology

Rev. Frank Rambow is an internationally known psychic intuitive, mystic and Numerologist. Your Numerology message uses your birth date. It is the art of predicting by numbers and is the science of Numeric Vibrations. Numerology tells you what lessons are needed in this lifetime, karma, obstacles to overcome, repetitive patterns and More!

Numerology gives you a look from your Past and into the Present and Future. Many people have asked “why discuss the Past”, it has already happened, and what I can do about it? You can “Learn from it”. There is a saying “that which we fail to learn, we are destined to repeat and repeat until we learn. Thus, it’s a good idea to revisit the past so you don’t have to repeat scenarios.

The Present is more in our control, so we can be guided to better choices and wiser decisions.

The Future offers us the Opportunity to create whatever we would like to become…. After 40 years of reading numbers, Frank discovered another piece of information coming from our Birthday or Life Path that can reveal some valuable information and help make sense of things.

Find out what’s in your Path. You are welcome to record your session. Contact Amanda to schedule your appointment.

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