Squash Soup

Note: This can easily be made as vegetarian soup by using vegetable broth and without chicken.

- Potatoes (one large or two medium)

- Sweet potato (large)

- Butternut squash (a short one)

- Carrots (one bag)

- Onions (one large or more)

- Garlic (one large clove)

- Italian seasoning (to taste)

- Chicken (Rotisserie chicken)

- 1 big can of chicken broth or at least four regular cans

- Pepper

Instructions: 1. Cook chicken if not cooked.

2. Wash squash and then put in pot to boil for a half hour to 45 minutes with the peel on, take it out, peel it (and then turn it over and stick a knife in it to keep the other side down) for another half hour. (time varies by size of squash) Finish peeling if needed and then cut up.

3. Cut up onions and garlic and then boil in either pot.

4. Wash the potatoes, sweet potato, and wash and peel carrots and boil In a separate pot until semi soft and then remove, peel, and cut up and then put back in pot.

5. Cut up chicken.

6. Combine all ingredients and the water you boiled the vegs in. (if anything is not cooked as much as the other put that in first and cook for a few more minutes and then add the rest).

7. Boil and reduce heat and simmer for a hour (more or less).

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