United Metaphysical Churches Seminary







Interested in becoming an Ordained Metaphysical Minister, Healer, or Certified Medium?


The United Metaphysical Churches (UMC) Denominational Seminary & Retreat Center, located in the beautiful valley of Roanoke, Virginia, is a national organization promoting mutual aid and cooperation in all matters relating to the religion, philosophy, and science of Divine Metaphysics. Education Programs have been created in order to achieve and maintain high standards and continuing improvement in the Ministry of Divine Metaphysics.


Educational programs leading to ordination as a UMC Minister, or certification in current or future UMC Certification Programs are offered at the 

UMC National Headquarter Campus. 


In addition to Ministerial, Healing, and Mediumship programs, UMC created the Certificate of Metaphysical Studies program to offer an in-depth exposure to the Principles of Divine Metaphysics, the operation of ministry and the fundamentals of a broad-based education for students not necessarily interested in the ministry. Continuing Education is always strongly encouraged for any UMC certified graduates.


All other metaphysically minded students are invited to enroll and attend classes as Retreat Students. Ordination/Certification into any aspect of this ministry carries with it a sacred trust to provide spiritual advice and consultation of the highest honor and caliber. Therefore, the training of candidates in ministry is of paramount importance to UMC. The programs present the student with the opportunity to attain his or her own solid foundation to accept fully the responsibility of appropriate and loving ministry to others.


For more information, please check out the United Metaphsical Churches Education Website or contact us through this website.