Spiritual Healing
of Divine Metaphysics


Spiritual Healing is one of the Divine spiritual gifts which uses the understanding and power of Natural Universal Laws to impart vital and healing foces. It is recognized in the New Testament and has been a tenet of both ancient and modern religions. 

 A human being is made up of three parts: mind, body, and spirit. It is the energy of the mind which controls the spirit. And, it is the energy of the mind which controls the  condition of these parts. Positive mental thoughts create healthy conditions. Destructive mental thoughts create disease condition. 

 It is a fact, stated in the Bible, that the normal condition of an individual is to be  perfect and healthy in mind, body, and spirit. This is the condition which God has made  available for everyone. Therefore, there is always a limitless supply of Divine Healing  Energy to help a person achieve perfect health. The Divine Energy, and the Natural  Universal Laws which apply it, are what a Spiritual Healer uses with the direction and  guidance of Higher Spirit Forces, to help an individual during a healing. 

 Spiritual Healers enter into their own silence and meditation to raise their consciousness to the Spiritual plane, request Spiritual direction and guidance, and tap into the limitless storehouse of God-supply. The healer visualizes the person in perfect health, affirming the presence of God and giving thanks for an influx of peace, harmony, and balance.

 Although healers can assist an individual by directing healing energies, the success of a healing depends on the faith and desire of the person to use his or her own mental energy positively. Finally, the individual desiring healing, need only attune his or her own mind to Spirit so that the forces can operate successfully.     


We offer spiritual healing and meditation 30 minutes prior to every Sunday Worship Service. We invite you to join us! 

Healing Prayer Request Form

Use the contact form below to submit a request for prayer and/or healing for you or a loved one. Once recieved, your request will be added to our healing prayer book and given special attention from our Spiritual Healers. Go forward in faith, knowing that all is well. 

Thank you for your healing submission. Your name, as well as those you are praying for will be added to our healing prayer book, and given special attention by our spiritual healers. Many Blessings