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Rev. Justin Terry
Karen Elizabeth

Karen was personally trained by Rev. Justin, and is now available for private sessions by phone or in person. She is also available to schedule for private events.


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A natural intuitive, Karen directly channels information from Loved Ones and Guides. She has a very compassionate reading style, helping you to understand why you are experiencing your current life events. She assists you in seeing the big picture relationships, career and how to move forward in life.   She can also answer specific questions to help you  make decisions that are best for you.  Karen has honed her natural abilities under the tutelage of The United Metaphysical Church, where she is an active member.


​Joseph was personally trained by Justin, and is now available for private sessions in the west Palm Beach area. 

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I am proud to introduce and endorse Joseph as a full time Medium. He has been a star student of mine for 2 years and I am so proud of him for taking his mediumship to the next level by offering Private In-Person sessions at UMC. He has grown beyond my expectations in only 2 years time and I look forward to seeing his talents continue to flourish. I would happily recommend Joseph to anyone needing healing and spiritual guidance

Joseph LePore
Rev. Sally Knuckles

Group Past Life Regression

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Universal Laws: Law of Cause and Effect 

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Rev. Sally Knuckles, CHT {trained by Dick Sutphen}, Past Life Therapist, Hypnosis for Behavior Modification, Medium/Clairvoyant, Spiritual Coach and Metaphysical Counselor.  She is an ordinated Metaphysical minister and is known for her work in Universal Laws and Quantum Metaphysics.

Rev. Sally has begun Study Groups in West Virginia, The OBX of NC, served as Senior Pastor of The Arlington Metaphysical Chapel and The Northern Virginia Metaphysical Fellowship in Arlington Va. She is on United Metaphysical Church’s Board of Directors and is a Hospice Volunteer. 

Rev. Frank Rambow

Numerology Readings

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Rev. Frank Rambow is an internationally known psychic intuitive, mystic and Numerologist.  Your Numerology message uses your birth date. It is the art of predicting by numbers and is the science of Numeric Vibrations.   Numerology tells you what lessons are needed in this lifetime, karma, obstacles to overcome, repetitive patterns and more!

Numerology gives you a look from your past and into the present and future. Many people have asked “why discuss the Past”, it has already happened, and what I can do about it? You can “Learn from it”. There is a saying “that which we fail to learn, we are destined to repeat and repeat until we learn. Thus, it’s a good idea to revisit the past so you don’t have to repeat scenarios.

The Present is more in our control, so we can be guided to better choices and wiser decisions.  The Future offers us the opportunity to create whatever we would like to become…. After 40 years of reading numbers, Frank discovered another piece of information coming from our Birthday or Life Path that can reveal some valuable information and help make sense of things. Find out what’s in your Path. You are welcome to record your session. 

Jodi Neering

Gamma Breathing and Healing

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Experience a pro-found activation of all regions of the brain, simply with the power of breath. During the guided meditation and breath work journey, you’ll focus on simple breath patterns which provide access to expanded consciousness and deep peace.

Relieve stress and heal past trauma, optimize brain and body function, regulate brainwave states, access feel good energy. Reverse addictive behaviors. This cutting edge style of breath work helps clear imbalances that lead to destructive patterns and triggers, A powerful breath sequence changes the chemistry in the brain ... Bring a yoga mat, with optional pillow and blanket.