Rev. Justin Terry

Welcome to the United Metaphysical Church of the Palm Beaches. I would personally like to extend a warm welcome to you with much love and many blessings. Here I hope you will find a place of peace, spiritual learning, and loving fellowship. 

As a student of Spiritual truth, I encourage you to take a moment to contemplate all the blessings you are experiencing in your life, right now. For some, they may be difficult to see. But by setting aside time for quiet and meditative contemplation, every day, those blessings will begin to make themselves known. 

Consciously choose to focus on the energies of light and love. It is my goal that our church be a beacon of love and light for you. Energy flows where our consciousness goes, so I challenge you to always saturate your consciousness with the ultimate energies of Divine Love and gratitude. 

Please know that you are always being blessed and guided; whether you can see it or not. It may sometimes be difficult to see, but if you look for's always there. 

Now always remember to go out and create a wonderful life for yourself. 

Yours in spiritual service,